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Assignments - Projects(Archived)
Summer Souvenirs
Due Date: 9/2/2015
Subject: Projects

In order to learn more about each other as we begin the 2016-20167school year together, I am asking each student to bring in a souvenir from their summer vacation.  It can be a memento from a trip ,but it can also include an activity the student participated in  or something from a hobby they enjoyed this summer.  These are only suggestions.  We will discuss other ideas in class. Each student will tell about the souvenir and explain why it is important to him or her during Morning Meeting. The assignment is due on September 7th but feel free to bring your item in earlier. 

I will share my souvenir with you on September 1st and explain why it is important to me.

What is Behind Your Name
Due Date: 9/1/2015
Subject: Projects

As a class, we are continuing to learn about each other.  It is interesting to learn about the origins of each classmate's name. Complete the handout  "What is behind your name" and return  it to school on or before Tuesday September 1. Complete the paper carefully and practice your presentation at home. Be prepared to share information about your name during Morning Meeting.

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