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Assignments - Math(Archived)
Math Facts
Due Date: 9/4/2015
Subject: Math

It is important to practice math facts each night.  It is the only way to build automaticity and be a successful math student. At times I will provide you with specific assignments, but you can easily practice  at home using flashcards or the Internet.   Test yourself to see how many facts you already know.  How many more can you learn before school begins?

This year I will provide you with a PIN Number so you can access  at home as well as in school.

You will take a pretest for each operation and based on your score,given problems to practice. Your progress will be reported each time you access  You will be awarded a certificate after you successfully complete each operation.   How quickly can you master each level?

The class goal is for each student to earn a certificate for all four operations.

Writing Numbers to 100,000
Due Date: 9/12/2014
Subject: Math

Math In Focus Workbook  Pages  3-6.  Follow the directions we reviewed in class.

Division Leftovers
Due Date: 3/30/2012
Subject: Math

The students have participated in an activity to help them understand the concept of division and remainders.   They are bringing the assignment sheet home .  It would be beneficial if each student could do this activity with someone at least once this week.   All that is required is a collection of objects and a die.  Thank you

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