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Class blog

This link takes you to our class site.

Mystery classes
Mystery Class

Math games
Expanded Form Pac Man

This game has you practice moving between standard form and expanded form by "eating" ghosts that have the right number.

Math puzzles

Decimal places

This game helps you practice recognizing decimal place values.

Naming decimals

This site gives you a decimal number in words and has you write it in numbers.  It's not the most exciting game, but it is useful practice.

Decimal place value

This is good practice for remembering place values with decimal numbers.  It's not an exciting game, but it is helpful review.

Sheppard Software

This site has many math games.  If you scroll down the page you'll get to many games about decimals.  It's hard to tell what the game will be like from this site--you need to click on a type of practice and then see what the game is like.

Multplication practice

This site has many games to practice multiplication facts.  Choose whichever game you like best.

Converting metric units

This game isn't the most exciting, but it does give you practice in converting units.

Division practice

This site has you practice doing division problems.  I love watching the creatures dance at the end when you finish solving the problem!

Calculation Nation

This has a variety of different games.  Click on "guest pass" and then on "games". 

At this point in the year, the game that you probably will find most at your level is "Times Square", which is a tic-tac-toe like game for practicing multiplication facts.

Try some of the other games, though.  There might be other ones you like!

Math Playground

This link has many possible games to play.

Click on Math Games I to play any of the number bonds games.

Fraction games

This site takes you to a page where you can play a variety of fraction games.

Animal rescue number line

This game has you rescuing animals by placing decimals on a number line.  Be sure to choose the "decimals" version to play.  After you play one round, you may play "decimals part ii", but it's much harder, so you may want to stick with the first version.

Basketball multiplication

This game has you practice multiplying numbers and then shooting baskets.  You can practice multiplication facts or challenge yourself by multiplying one-digit by two-digit numbers.

Challenging decimal addition

This game involves fast paced decimal addition.  Can you meet the challenge?!

Fraction games
Calculation Nation

To get to the games, click on "games".  Instead of logging in, click on "guest pass".


Fraction Feud

Dig It

or Drop Zone

Animal Rescue

Visual Fractions games

Choose any of the games from this list.

Several games

This site has a bunch of fractions games you might choose from.

Math review lessons
Changing metric units

This video reviews how to change one metric unit to another metric unit.

Multiplying using partial products

Multiplying using the standard algorithm

Adding and subtracting decimals

Dividing by powers of 10

This link takes you to a video that reviews how to divide by numbers such as 10, 100, and 1000.

Comparing the value of digits

Rounding decimals

This link takes you to a number of videos that review rounding decimals to various place values.

Multiplying by powers of 10

This link takes you to a video where you can review multiplying by numbers such as 10, 100, and 1000.

Rounding large numbers

This video reviews how to round large numbers (not decimals) to specific place values.

History links
Columbus for kids in Great Britain

This site is from the United Kingdom.  It is likely that people in England wrote this information for British kids.

Was Columbus a Hero or a Villain? video

Columbus video

Colonial history
Site for searching specific topics

This site has many articles and videos about all sorts of topics.  Use the search function to search for "Colonial Life" or other topics related to the Colonial times that you are interested in.

Possible topics include:

Roger Williams



the Salem Witch Trials

King Phillip's War


Colonial videos

This lists a number of videos that you could watch.  Many of them about the French and Indian War.  I haven't previewed these to know if they are helpful or not.

Jobs in Colonial America

This has a short bit of information about many different types of jobs.

Colonial jobs

This site has short descriptions of many jobs.  It looks like it may have been written by kids.

Video of people working at colonial jobs

Video presentation of colonial jobs

This is a video made by 5th graders about jobs in colonial times.

Colonial jobs

This website was made by a teacher for students.

Video about the Mayflower

Video about Venture Smith

This video tells about an African boy who was kidnapped and sold as a slave in America.  It tells about life in Colonial times from a slave's perspective.

Explore Jamestown

This website lets you explore around the settlement of Jamestown and also the nearby Native American settlement.

Article about the Pilgrims

Colonial history

This website looks really interesting and interactive.

Life for a colonial family in Connecticut

Timeline of colonial history

Virtual tours

This site has videos to show what the Mayflower looked like and what life would have been like for the Pilgrims and Native Americans in the early 1600s.

Video about Jamestown

Video about Puritans and Pilgrims

Video about the first Thanksgiving

Video about Roanoke

Video about wig wearing in Colonial times

Video about the Mayflower

Video about the Pilgrims

Video about living in Jamestown

Song about the Mayflower

This video has a simple song and cartoons that give information about the Mayflower.

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