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Class blog

This link takes you to our class site.

Math games
Math puzzles

Expanded Form Pac Man

This game has you practice moving between standard form and expanded form by "eating" ghosts that have the right number.

Sheppard Software

This site has many math games.  It's hard to tell what the game will be like from this site--you need to click on a type of practice and then see what the game is like.

Multplication practice

This site has many games to practice multiplication facts.  Choose whichever game you like best.

Calculation Nation

This has a variety of different games.  Click on "guest pass" and then on "games". 

At this point in the year, the game that you probably will find most at your level is "Times Square", which is a tic-tac-toe like game for practicing multiplication facts.

Try some of the other games, though.  There might be other ones you like!

Math Playground

This link has many possible games to play.

Click on Math Games I to play any of the number bonds games.

Basketball multiplication

This game has you practice multiplying numbers and then shooting baskets.

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