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 Welcome to Room 10. I'm anxious to meet you on August 29,2018!


Welcome to third grade. This year students will continue to develop academic skills as they work cooperatively in  a learning community. I'm looking forward to a great year as we make this journey together.

We will study:
Language Arts-  The Units of Study are  Building a Reading Life,  Character Studies,Reading to Learn, Mysteries, and Research Clubs. The writing Units of Study are   narrative, expository,  opinion, and fairy tales. Strategies for  editing and revising are embedded within the writing units .  Students will continue to study word patterns and apply them to spelling.

Mathematics-   Students will study place value, subtraction with regrouping, multiplication and division of whole numbers ,measurement, fractions,and geometry. They will use bar models to solve multistep problems.

Science- The Next Generation Science Standards Forces and motion, magnets,electricity; life cycles, adaptations of organisms, and weather patterns.  The students will complete experiments using Mystery Science.

Social Studies- Connecticut



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