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 Welcome to Room 21. I'm anxious to meet you on August 30,2017!


Welcome to fourth grade. This year students will continue to develop academic skills as they become independent learners and cooperative workers. I'm looking forward to a great year as we make this journey together.

We will study:
Language Arts-  There are four reading units, namely, Building a Reading Life, Realistic Fiction, Heroes, and Poetry. In additions we practice  vocabulary building and write in the three genres  narrative, expository, and opinion writing.Students also practice strategies for  editing and revising, while learning spelling patterns.
Mathematics- Students will  make sense of real world problems  and persevere in solving them. They will also construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.  Students will study place value, factors and multiples, multiplication and division of whole numbers ,measurement, fractions,and geometry. 

Science- Forces and motion,  matter and energy in ecosystems,  and changes to the earth' surface

Social Studies- Students will be using an atlas as they study the geography and regions of the United States.



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