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 Homework varies slightly from day to day and from week to week.

What will not vary is that kids are expected to do 40 minutes of homework per night.  Also, students are expected to read every night.  If your child tells you they finished their work already, have them read.

Most weeks students will have a spelling paper with a list of activities to do throughout the week.  Generally, one of the Monday activities will be to tell someone in the family what this week's spelling pattern is, so ask them!

Many nights students will have some kind of math homework to do.  Often this will be a worksheet that is designed to be a quick review of concepts I think your child has a pretty good handle on.  If your child struggles, please don't feel like you need to reteach the concept to them.  Write a note or shoot me an email to let me know that they struggled with the work, and have your child move on to other parts of their homework.  Sometimes instead of giving a math worksheet I'll have students play a game that I taught them in class or I'll have kids do some work on a math website.

While students are waiting for their bus to be called during dismissal time, I expect them to be working on homework, so it is possible that students will finish part of their homework in class (especially the quick worksheets).  That means they'll have more time to read!




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