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Class Schedule  

We begin the day with some morning work (usually math review) and then a morning meeting.  The purposes for this include making sure students start the day on a positive note, developing community, and reinforcing learning students are doing in lessons throughout the day. 

Our literacy block is generally next; for both reading and writing I spend a short time talking with students about a reading/writing strategy or some other component to help them grow.  Following my "mini-lesson", students practice this work independently, as I meet with small groups and confer individually with students to tailor the instruction more precisely to what each individual needs. 

Because a central part of growing as a reader is reading, it is important that your child be prepared with a book to read every day.  I generally expect students to be reading the same book in school and at home.  This allows me to check that everyone is doing the 20+ minutes of reading they are expected to do for homework.   I have many books in the classroom that your child is welcome to borrow and read.  (Please just make sure they get returned.  I've had to buy back a few of my books from the North Haven library's used book room!)  If you are helping your child pick out a book to read, please encourage your child to lean toward books that are a little easier rather than a little harder.  We'll be practicing challenging strategies in class, and it's easier to practice a new skill on a book that is a little easy.

Our specials are from 10:10-10:55.

The specials schedule is:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Technology and Chorus

Thursday: Music

Friday: Gym

If your child takes an instrument lesson, these lessons will be on Mondays,  Wednesdays or Fridays.

Lunch is from 12:45-1:15. In the afternoon I will do a read aloud so kids can focus on practicing their reading comprehension skills in a structured way and then move into our mathematics block.

Students will again be using Math in Focus as the center of the math curriculum.  I am a firm believer in the power of math games, especially to help students enjoy practicing math facts.  We are beginning the year by learning some games that will reinforce math facts and computation skills, and students will be encouraged to play these games often throughout the year.  Please get your child to teach you their favorite games and play them often with your child.  Math in 5th grade requires that students have all the math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) at their fingertips.

Science and social studies will be integrated into math and reading times.

We will end the day by going over any homework we hadn't discussed earlier in the day, working together to clean up the room, and gathering for a short debrief of the day.  We work until 3:02!

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