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Information about breakfast, lunch, and snack  


A Word About Breakfast


Your child is able to purchase a breakfast on his/her way to the classroom. They simply stop in the cafeteria upon arrival to school and then bring it to the classroom to eat it. You can pay cash each time or put money on your child's account. This is the easiest way so your child doesn't need to worry about remembering it, losing it, etc. All information can be found on the North Haven District website.


A Word About Lunch


The same procedure for payment as above. You are welcome to visit your child for lunch any day. Simply sign in at the office before heading down to meet your child in the cafeteria. You and your child will sit at the Visitor's Table the day you visit. This is a special time for you and your child so we ask that you not invite classmates to join you! Please remember to sign out in the office at the end of the lunch period


A Word About Snack


Your child will have the opportunity to eat a snack in the afternoon if they want one. Please send in a healthy, nut-free snack labeled “snack” with your child's name on it. This is during work time so it is best if you send a snack that your child is independently able to open, eat and clean up.


Some ideas to promote an independent snack time:


• Goldfish


• Pretzels


• Cheese and crackers


• Grapes


• Granola bars


Some items that do not make for an independent snack time:


• Fruit cups packed in syrup


• Go-gurts


• Pudding


• Anything that is hard to open or messy


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

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