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E-mail address  

Home school communication is important for a successful school experience.  If you would like me to update you on your child"s progress or just want to check in, please send me an e-mail so I have your e-mail address available. I am looking forward to a productive year as I become acquainted with your student.

Thank you,

Mrs. Mangles


To be successful this  school year  students  should develop a homework  routine. Each student should  write assignments in their planner and use their Clintonville folder to return homework. Students are expected  to read the book they are reading at school for at least thirty minutes each evening and record their  time on a reading log which travels between home and school. Students are also expected to practice math facts daily to achieve  automaticity.In addition students should also be sorting spelling words at home and completing assigned activities.  An explanation of these activities is in their folder.  At times students will be asked to complete unfinished classwork at home.

 Thank you for your attention to these matters. 

Activation Code for ordering books  

The activation code to set up an account online with Scholastic Books is J4JPN.

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