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A Few Reminders  
  1. Your child may have a difficult time separating from you on the first few days of school.  Whether he/she is taking the bus or being driven to school, my best advice to you is to decide when you are ready to say good-bye and then just do it.  This consistency will let your child know that you are completely comfortable with this new experience that awaits him/her!  If you are having any struggles with separation please let me know so I can help.  I promise your child will have a smooth and happy adjustment!
  2. Please send your child to school with a towel in his/her backpack for our daily quiet time.  I will send towels home on Fridays to be washed.  Please return them on the next school day. 
  3. Your child will receive a Clintonville home folder.  Please check through your child's folder, attend to any paperwork that may be in there, and return it on the next school day. 
  4. My motto is you can never have too much communication between home and school for your child's success.  I consider us all to be part of a team working together to support your child's education.  If something is not clear or doesn't seem right, please contact me right away and I will do the same!
  5. I do use this website but will be putting together an email distribution list with all of your emails once I have them.  That will be my primary way of communicating. 

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