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A Few Reminders  
  1. Your child may have a difficult time separating from you on the first few days of school.  Whether he/she is taking the bus or being driven to school, my best advice to you is to decide when you are ready to say good-bye and then just do it.  This consistency will let your child know that you are completely comfortable with this new experience that awaits him/her!  If you are having any struggles with separation please let me know so I can help.  I promise your child will have a smooth and happy adjustment!
  2. Your child will receive a Clintonville home folder.  Please check through your child's folder, attend to any paperwork that may be in there, and return it on the next school day. 
  3. I ask that each child have a complete set of clothes at school for the occasional accident.  If your child comes home in these clothes because of an accident, please send in a new set the next day.  Also be mindful of seasonal changes.  If you send in an updated set for cooler weather, I will then send home the original set.
  4. My motto is you can never have too much communication between home and school for your child's success.  I consider us all to be part of a team working together to support your child's education.  If something is not clear or doesn't seem right, please contact me right away and I will do the same!
  5. I do use this website but will be putting together an email distribution list with all of your emails once I have them.  That will be my primary way of communicating. 

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