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News and Announcements

A New School Year!!!  


A New School Year!!!  2017-2018

I am very excited to start a new year with your child!!!  I have been prepping for a great year!!! I so loved meeting the class last June on step up day. I met your child (if they were present for their visit to first grade in June) on the last day of school and they seemed very excited to be in first grade.   

We will begin our year with an ocean theme.  I invite your child to bring in items from the beach, books about the beach/ocean animals, or any other item that is educational on this topic. We will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books that support this theme and support our first Readers' Workshop. This first unit is a launching unit and it will prepare the class for a busy year of reading.













Share your email  

Please share your email with me by sending it to me through my website.  I use email to send out reminders, etc.  It is a great  way to send me a message too.  Thank you!

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