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Breakfast is available everyday in the cafeteria.  The below is our "meal" price, which includes the main entree, one 8 oz. carton of milk and additional fruit. 

Students $2.00

Reduced $.30

Adults $3.25





 Lunch Schedule:

     11:05-11:35 (K-1st Grades)
      11:40-12:10 (2nd and 3rd Grades)
       12:15-12:45 (4th and 5th Grades)

 Lunch Fees:


Students -$2.75

Reduced - $.40

Adults - $4.25

Boar's Head Salad - $4.50

       Milk is included with all purchased meals.
       Additionally, 8 oz. cartons are available ala carte at $ .60

 Assorted Snacks $.50  - $1.10

For more information and the daily menus, CLICK HERE to visit FOOD SERVICE on the district page.





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