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Clintonville Elementary School Library Media Center


2018-2019 School Year





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Username: clintonvillenh

Password: read

Classcode: TKG0247

Username: nhbook

Password: barn

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Order in the Library


 Click here to access the Works Cited Guide



 If you are a parent who would like to volunteer in the library, please e-mail Ms. Jahn.


Library Classes by Day


Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Mrs. Mangles

Ms. Gray

Mrs. Skelcher

Mrs. Summerville

Mrs. Nagy

Mrs. Domina

Ms. Adinolfi

Mrs. Smalley

Mrs. McGovern

Mrs. Madonna

Mrs. Gambardella

Mrs. Knapp


Mr. Stoner

Mrs. Filosi

Mrs. Pedersen

Mrs. Macdonald


Mrs. Panaroni

Ms. Gifford



Looking for a book to read with your child? Check out the 2018 Nutmeg Nominees!


Students have the oppurtunity to check-out books during their weekly scheduled library time.

Students in K-2nd grade are allowed to borrow one book at a time, and students in 3rd-5th grade are allowed to borrow two books at a time. Exceptions may be made for students who are using books for school projects.

Books may be borrowed for two weeks and renewed if the student is still reading the book. Any book that is not renewed or returned within two weeks is considered over-due. Over-due notices will be sent home on a weekly basis as a reminder to return books. If you feel that a mistake has been made please make a note of it on the notice and return the notice to school.


If a book is over-due, please return it as soon as possible. Students are often waiting to borrow books that are checked out.


  Any students who has an overdue book will not be allowed to borrow a new book until the overdue books are returned or paid for. 


Click on the FILES link above to download a list of books available for parents to read to their children regarding social and personal issues.  To borrow one of these books, simply contact Liz Jahn.


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